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What is Intergenerational Trauma?

Patterns of abuse, abandonment, addictions, poverty, health conditions, self-sabotage, and many others are passed down through the generation of our family system, both biologically (through epigenetic transmission) and behaviorally (repeating behaviors and social learning).

These patterns can impact how you function in the world, including your internal, emotional wellbeing, in relationships, career, and so much more, impacting your reactions, responses, behaviors, and overall well-being.

Intergenerational trauma Signs
Intergenerational trauma may show up in your life as:
  • A strong, troubling belief or emotion (including intense worry or anxiety) that other members of your family also experience.

  • An addiction, type of abuse, or other issue that runs in your family including incarceration and mental health issues, or a history of gaining a lot and then losing it all.

  • Repeated patterns in the family line that seem to happen at a certain age, for example, a line of men in the family have heart attacks in their forties, a line of women in the family who become widows in their thirties, several generations of women in the family are very young when they lose their fathers.

Many people with traumatic family histories who have done a lot of individual healing work (psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, somatic experiencing, spiritual practices, etc.) find that they sense that a piece of the puzzle is still missing.  That “aha” that will help them make sense of why they’ve or their family has struggled in certain ways.

Our online courses are for you if:
  • You’re aware of a family pattern that is impacting your life or the lives of your family members, whether you can pinpoint what it is or are seeking to go deeper into the search.

  • These patterns have you feeling stuck in some or many areas of your life or you have noticed a pattern of self-sabotage and you want to break through this.

  • Despite having done lots of inner personal work on your healing journey – you’ve done therapy, yoga, meditation, and read every self-help book out there – you feel there’s still a missing piece to your healing puzzle.

Ancestral trauma healing

We’ll help you discover the patterns of intergenerational trauma that have been the program and script of your life so you can move forward with insight, consciousness, and a release of that which isn’t yours to carry and that no longer serves you.

Be the pattern shifter in your family line. It’s no coincidence you found this course!

Are you ready to…


    You’re ready to release those unhealthy family patterns that keep repeating through the generations….

    When they say, “it runs in the family,” or, “it’s a family curse,” you’re ready to say, “It stops with ME.”

  • Learn how ancestral / intergenerational trauma is affecting your life today?

    … and may be the reason why you stay stuck in certain areas?  For example, fear of intimacy or of having children, worries about losing it all or never having enough…feeling trapped…intense anxiety and/or worries that you’ll lose your mind.

  • Tap into the wisdom of your ancestors?

    and learn techniques to discover and heal the imprints of intergenerational trauma on your nervous system and spirit.

  • Learn the science behind the transmission of trauma from generation to generation?

    including cutting edge discoveries in the field of epigenetics and social sciences.

You’re in the right place…

Course Overview

We’ll focus on ancestral / intergenerational trauma and healing through the lenses of:

  • science (epigenetics focused)
  • social sciences
  • spiritual philosophies

The course provides a full-spectrum approach to support the work of healing our lineages as well as our lives in the present.

If you have any interest in the scientific developments and spiritual philosophies of the transference of trauma and healing from generation to generation, you’re in the right place.

Explore Your Interests

Ancestry Interest

    Sometimes referred to as the “family curse” or “it runs in the family,” there is actually scientific evidence for how and why these traumas get passed on through generations!


    (for example the Holocaust, slavery) whether these events were experienced in your direct line or you strongly feel the impact of or sense a connection to these or other crimes against humanity without any knowledge of a connection in your line.

My Ancestral Healing will be a resource to your research and healing journey.

Course Guides & Teachers

Debbie DeMarco Bennett, BSc.

Debbie DeMarco Bennett, BSc.

Founder & Researcher | Course Guide
Kathryn C. Holt, LCSW, MA, PhD in process

Kathryn C. Holt, LCSW, MA, PhD in process

Licensed Psychotherapist
Fabio Fina, LSW, MSW

Fabio Fina, LSW, MSW

Licensed Social Worker
Christopher Munstermann

Christopher Munstermann

Acupuncturist & Spiritual Teacher
Natasha Mott

Natasha Mott

Akashic Records Personal & Business Brand Alignment Specialist
Kate Skovron RN, LMT

Kate Skovron RN, LMT


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